Glover Rowe and Sterling Management Systems

Some years ago, an obscure Oklahoma newspaper, the Cherokee County Herald, ran a story about alleged mistreatment by Sterling Management personnel of Mr. and Mrs. Glover Rowe in the year 1990. The Herald is a weekly publication with one writer, Terry Dean, who is also editor and publisher, and a circulation of 2,594.

The account of the interview in the Cherokee County Herald was extremely exaggerated and contained complete untruths. We were, at the time this story was published, confounded as to why such blatant fabrications would occur. When Mr. Rowe was later found guilty of breaking the law and breaching the code of conduct of his own profession, we came to understand his deceitful and malevolent character.

In the year 2000, Glover Rowe was charged by the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama with “the unauthorized use of Nitrous Oxide for himself and his wife, in connection with being a habitual user of intoxicants or drugs rendering him unfit for the practice of dentistry and in connection with making obscene telephone calls to his patients.” His license was suspended for a period of five years. (See attached.)

In 2003, Mr. Rowe’s ex-wife, Cecilia Halsey, was granted a restraining order enjoining Mr. Rowe from “threatening to commit, or to commit, acts of abuse, harassing or being within 100 yards of his ex-wife’s residence.”

On June 8, 2003, Mr. Rowe was arrested for violating the restraining order when he was “found under his ex-wife’s home in the crawl space of her house at or around 11:00 p.m.” He was indicted for “Burglary Second Degree, Aggravated Stalking, Criminal Trespass First Degree and Violation of a Protective Order.”

His license to practice dentistry was permanently revoked. In the revocation (see attached), it is also noted that while his license had been suspended, and despite the fact that his controlled substances permit was revoked, Glover Rowe prescribed, administered or distributed controlled substances using the identity of another dentist.

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